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February 17, 2004

February 17, 2004

NEW YORK, NY, February 17, 2004  --- The CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Index is up 1.70% for January 2004, according to Oliver Schupp, President of Credit Suisse First Boston Tremont Index LLC. 
"Although many of the economic indicators during January delivered mixed signals to investors, hedge fund strategies performed fairly well across the board with the Index posting returns of 1.70%," said Mr. Schupp. 

"Hedge funds that invest in emerging markets had a great year in 2003 and continued to post solid gains in January," said Robert I. Schulman, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Tremont Capital Management, Inc.  "The CSFB/Tremont Emerging Markets Index outperformed all other strategies with returns of 2.53%."

Performance for the CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Index and the ten style-based sector indices is calculated monthly.  January, December and year-end 2003 returns for all categories are listed below and at


Jan 2004

Dec 2003

Y 2003

CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Index

1.70% 1.95%


Convertible Arbitrage




Dedicated Short Bias




Emerging Markets

2.53% 3.56%


Equity Market Neutral

0.82% 0.93%


Event Driven








   Event Driven Multi-Strategy




   Risk Arbitrage




Fixed Income Arbitrage




Global Macro




Long/Short Equity




Managed Futures












Dow Jones Industrial Index*




MSCI $ World Index*








NASDAQ Composite US $ Index

3.13% 2.20%


S&P 500 Index*




      * Total Return Indices

The CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Index value is 291.78 returning 191.78% for the 121-month period since inception (January 1, 1994 through January 31, 2004).

For additional current and historical data including more comparisons with other widely followed global indices, visit the CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Index web site at

The CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Index is comprised of 416 funds as of January 1, 2004.

Thirteen new funds were added to the Index last month.  They are TQA Master Plus Fund Ltd, Nisswa Master Fund Ltd, AdvantHedge LP, Asia Debt Recovery Company Ltd Galleus Sub Fund, The Argo Fund Ltd, Sabre Style Arbitrage Fund Ltd, Wayland Recovery Fund, Pequot Healthcare Fund, Clovis Capital Partners, Cambrian Incremental Fund Class B (Euro), Zulauf Europe Fund, Basswood International Fund Inc, and Blue Sky Japan LP.  Four funds dropped from the Index.  They are Vector Capital Fund Ltd (Class A), Vector Capital Partners LP and Petros Fund LP, all of which liquidated, and Stonehill Offshore Partners Ltd, which is no longer reporting.  There were also several technical adds and drops last month as a result of the aggregation of various share classes of the same fund into composite vehicles.  In addition, Mariner Fund switched categories, from event driven to multi-strategy.

The index is constructed using the TASS and CSFB/Tremont databases of more than 3,000 hedge funds.  It includes both open and closed funds located in the U.S. and offshore, but does not include funds of funds.  In order to qualify for inclusion in the index selection universe, a fund must have US $10 million under management, a 12-month track record, and audited financial statement.  Index funds are selected using a formula based on assets under management that ensures the Index represents at least 85% of total assets in each of ten strategy-based sectors in the selection universe.  Once added, funds are not excluded until they liquidate or fail to meet the reporting requirements, in order to minimize survivorship bias.  The index is calculated as a total return index on a monthly basis, adjusted for asset in- and outflow, including a reselection according to the procedure outlined above, on a quarterly basis.

Returns for the CSFB/Tremont  Investable Index

The CSFB/Tremont Investable Hedge Fund Index is up 1.10% for the month of January 2004.

"The Investable Index continues to perform in step with the broad index and to provide investors with smooth, consistent returns," said Mr. Schupp. 

"Long/short equity funds took the lead in January with returns of 2.01%," said Mr. Schulman.

Performance for the CSFB/Tremont Investable Hedge Fund Index and the ten style-based sector indices is calculated monthly. Returns for the months of January 2004, December 2003 and year-end 2003 for all categories are listed below and at


Jan 2004

Dec 2003

Y 2003

CSFB/Tremont Investable Hedge Fund  Index 1.10% 1.07% 11.04%
Investable Convertible Arbitrage 1.83% 1.18% 14.15%
Investable Dedicated Short Bias -1.65% -4.24% -31.54%
Investable Emerging Markets 0.41% 3.07% 32.11%
Investable Equity Market Neutral 0.79% -0.04% 4.37%
Investable Event Driven 1.53% 1.27% 16.50%
Investable Fixed Income Arbitrage 1.06% 0.30% 3.15%
Investable Global Macro 0.59% 1.74% 15.54%
Investable Long/Short Equity 2.01% 1.07% 17.61%
Investable Managed Futures 0.96% 4.70% 12.25%
Investable Multi-Strategy 0.30% -1.54% 5.93%

The CSFB/Tremont Investable Hedge Fund Index was launched with 60 funds across 10 style-based sectors.  The Investable Index was set at 100 on August 1, 2003 with aggregate assets under management at approximately US$55 billion, making it the industry's largest investable index. 

The funds currently included in the index are available on the web site at

The CSFB/Tremont Investable Hedge Fund Index is designed to give investors broad exposure to hedge funds as an asset class.  It fulfills investor demand for index-linked products created to reduce dependency on fund manager selection and fund concentration risk

The CSFB/Tremont Investable Hedge Fund Index is based on the broad CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Index, which is the largest hedge fund index with $199 billion in assets managed by 416 funds as of January 1, 2004.

The funds in the CSFB/Tremont Investable Index, selected from the funds included in the main index, generally comprise the six largest funds that are open to investment and meet certain liquidity conditions in each of the 10 style-based sectors.  The fund selection rules can be found on and include the following criteria:

  • Funds are selected from the CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Index by an asset-based formula
  • The funds generally represent the six largest eligible "open" funds in each of the ten sectors
  • The funds are determined by application of the construction rules

The CSFB/Tremont Investable Hedge Fund Index will be calculated monthly re-balanced semi-annually.

Additional features of the Investable Index include:

  • Transparency via and pages on Bloomberg and Reuters
  • Member funds must provide timely performance reporting, audited financials and offering memorandum review for inclusion
  • Investable index eliminates dependence on manager skill
  • A broad suite of investment products, soon to be announced

Credit Suisse First Boston Tremont Index LLC is the joint venture company of Credit Suisse First Boston Index Co., Inc., a subsidiary of Credit Suisse First Boston Inc., and Tremont Capital Management, Inc.  Credit Suisse First Boston Tremont Index LLC is headquartered at 11 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010-3629.

Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) is a leading global investment bank serving institutional, corporate, government and individual clients. CSFB's businesses include securities underwriting, sales and trading, investment banking, private equity, financial advisory services, investment research, venture capital, correspondent brokerage services and asset management. CSFB operates in 69 locations in 34 countries across five continents. The Firm is a business unit of the Zurich-based Credit Suisse Group, a leading global financial services company. For more information on Credit Suisse First Boston, please visit our Web site at

Tremont Capital Management, Inc. is one of the leading global alternative investment management firms, whose business lines include research and investment management services, sale and distribution of its proprietary investment products, and database sales and information services. Tremont advises on approximately $9 billion in alternative investment assets, including more than $1billion in its proprietary funds. Through its information and market intelligence unit, TASS Research, the firm provides data on the performance of more than 3,000 alternative investment managers and funds.  Tremont, headquartered in Rye, New York with offices in Toronto, Bermuda and London, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oppenheimer Acquisition Corp, the parent company of Oppenheimer Funds, Inc., one of the nation's most respected asset managers.

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