Liquid Alternative Beta (LAB) is a series of indices that aim to replicate the aggregate return profiles of alternative investments strategies using liquid, tradable instruments. Specifically, the Credit Suisse Long/Short Liquid Index reflects the return of a dynamic basket of liquid, investable market factors selected and weighted in accordance with an algorithm that aims to approximate the aggregate returns of the universe of long/short equity hedge fund managers, as represented by the Long/Short Equity sector of the Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index. To find more information on the Credit Suisse Long/Short Liquid Index or the entire LAB series of indices, please visit our Credit Suisse Liquid Alternative Beta Site.

Liquid Alternative Beta
Index Currency Value Date 1 Day MTD QTD YTD
Liquid Alternative Beta IndexUSD1295.7623 Mar 20170.03%-0.77%0.18%0.18%
Event Driven Liquid IndexUSD1429.7023 Mar 20170.07%-0.95%0.68%0.68%
Global Strategies Liquid IndexUSD1112.8123 Mar 20170.03%-1.00%-0.49%-0.49%
Long/Short Liquid IndexUSD1490.8423 Mar 2017-0.02%0.33%1.91%1.91%
Merger Arbitrage Liquid IndexUSD1110.1323 Mar 20170.13%0.20%0.37%0.37%
Managed Futures Liquid IndexUSD1123.9823 Mar 20170.06%-2.09%-4.26%-4.26%

Index Currency Value Date February YTD
Credit Suisse Global Strategies Hedge Fund IndexUSD 28 Feb 2017-100.00%0.00%
Credit Suisse Hedge Fund IndexUSD566.1828 Feb 20170.97%1.67%
Credit Suisse Event Driven Hedge Fund IndexUSD623.4928 Feb 20171.07%2.43%
Credit Suisse Long/Short Equity Hedge Fund IndexUSD670.4528 Feb 20171.36%2.50%
Credit Suisse Risk Arbitrage Hedge Fund IndexUSD369.4728 Feb 20170.98%0.96%
Credit Suisse Managed Futures Hedge Fund IndexUSD297.6428 Feb 20172.39%0.91%

Unless otherwise noted, returns are gross of all fees. Net returns are net of a 0.50% index calculation fee per annum.
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